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In the most recent years, I have supplemented my education by interning at various companies, which offered me invaluable insights into different sectors of the real estate industry. While at Encore capital management, I prepared all formal documents, attended training programs with sales agents, executed projects for advertising, and managed daily administrative tasks associated with my role. More recently I worked with Rent Finders USA realtor agency, where I focused on social media & web design, learned industry building requirements, and worked towards obtaining code inspection approvals with the City of Palm Beach. From these roles, I became comfortable providing property procurement support to clients, as well as handling city planning and development operations.

My resume is enclosed and will give you further insight into my skillset, experience, and leadership. It would be my pleasure to discuss how my specific skill set will add value to your company. I am a passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking individual, and believe that my knowledge and dedication would make me more than a resource, but rather an asset to your company.

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