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Senior at The University Of Maryland Robert H. Business School

Major in Finance
Minor in Realestate


BMGT484-0301: Digital Marketing class

Professor Elie Ashery

Description: This course explains the process of digital Marketing and advertising for business and personal use. Involves steps and procedures to promote a better Business.

BMGT448L-0101: Special Topics In Finance/Hedge Fund Management

Professor Ken Brodkowitz

Description: This course discusses the importance of asset management hedge funds and how they operate. This class will also show you how to options trade longs and shorts within the stock market.

RDEV450-0101: Foundations of Real Estate Finance and Investment

Professor Kathy Burgess

Description: This course teaches the advanced level to real estate finance concepts. This class also prepares students with excel formatting and real estate pro forma skills

BMGT446-0101: International Finance

futures and options, bid and ask price

Professor Zhen Ye

Description: Introduces Financial Management in a international context. This course applies economics and finance tools to analyze issues facing a multinational corporation.

BMGT440-0401: Advanced Financial Management

Professor James Seward

Description: Builds upon analytics and the tools CFOs and other financial managers use to make informed investment and financing decisions. This course also uses case methods as real world applications studied within the class

BMGT313-0101: Financial Statement Analysis

Professor Brent S. Solomon

Description: This course identifies and applies generally accepted Finance valuation methods, utilizes resources to obtain market-based data, and develops significant inputs.

BMGT495-0201: Strategic Management

Professor Gregory Marr

Description: This course introduces the role of the Manager or CEO of the Business/company who is concerned with problems of the company and are held responsible for the overall and long term well being of the firm

BMGT364-0101: Managing People And Organizations

Professor Gregory Marr

Description: This course examines the behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations in order to help People such as me thrive in the workplace environment.

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